10 May 2011


i have been superbusy at work lately with one thing and another, which
always leads to bad habits... miss eating anything at lunch let alone
getting out and getting moving, too tired to cook when i get home, don't
eat a proper dinner, fitful sleep, rushed morning, forget to pack

this summer i will probably have to take the car to work every day
because our schedules are changing (tg will have a new job, i'll have to
do preschool drop-offs in addition to pick-ups) so i want to get as many
walks to work in while i can. i walked yesterday - gorgeous morning! and
i felt so wonderful almost as though i had a restful sleep! but today i
am feeling the pain in my shins and feet. my left foot is sore
(especially the toe i broke), but my right foot it too, presumably from
compensating? also the shoes i wore yesterday - sneakerish ballet flats
are *quite* flat, something my feet aren't used to after a winter of low
heels and layers of insulation between me and the ground.

so, no walking today. but maybe tomorrow?

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